Deirdre has received ten coveted American Gem Trade Association Spectrum Awards and was named a “Master American Platinumsmith” by the Platinum Guild International

Deirdre Featherstone comes to the world of jewelry with a terrifically discerning eye for both beauty and functionality. 

As a former antique auctioneer, she appreciates the value and aesthetic of exquisitely beautiful things, but as a motorcycle and classic car enthusiast, she understands that even the most stunning things need to run smoothly and feel right. 

As the hands, the eye, and the spirit of Featherstone Design, Deirdre has been designing and producing fine jewelry in her Tribeca studio since 1985. 

Deirdre stepped from the world of antiques into the world of precious metals and stones bringing with her a love of beautifully crafted objects and the stories those objects have to tell.