Hidden behind an unmarked door in Tribeca New York is the Featherstone Jewelry Studio, an atelier that creates one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry, in-house by an intimate team of talented and inspiring people. 

The greatest compliment we receive from our clientele is rooted in the team experience at our studio. From stone selection to finished piece, we work together in our studio and with our clients to create a truly unique and personal experience.

This team creativity paired with our superior craftsmanship and use of fine materials makes for the perfect combination in creating a spectacular piece of jewelry.


The hallmarks – and the fun – of a Featherstone creation are found in the wearer’s ability to choose whether a jewel is worn alone, in combination with other pieces, or with a multitude of interchangeable enhancements.

This versatility permits the wearer at every moment to  “live her jewelry.”


The wearer’s ability to take authority of how they want to wear their pieces allows them a more personal interaction with both the jewelry and with the designer.  The Featherstone Concept combines the creative forces of the jeweler and the individual client, allowing for constant evolution of timeless jewelry.

The three tenets that set Featherstone apart from the rest of the jewelry world are: the proliferation of platinum and beautifully bright gemstones in the line, the engineering that goes into each piece of the Featherstone Fine Jewelry collection, and the total dedication to handmade jewelry despite the increasing use of computer aided design in the industry.

Featherstone is the only studio that uses Platinum as its exclusive white metal. “Platinum,” Deirdre notes, “is the most incredible platform for color. It is supremely satisfying to all the senses.” The passion she feels for working in the metal is clearly reflected in the quality it produces in the collection. Deirdre has won ten American Gem Trade Association Spectrum Awards, all of which have been for her work in platinum.